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Chocolate Lab Probiotic Mushroom Dog D137

Chocolate Lab Probiotic Mushroom Dog D137

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Discover the KEY to Optimal Digestive Wellness with CHOCOLATE LAB PROBIOTIC MUSHROOM DOG D137!

Let your canine benefit from CHOCOLATE LAB PROBIOTIC MUSHROOM DOG D137, a powerful probiotic that optimizes digestive health and promotes a strong gut microbiome. Our potent formula boasts 7 billion CFU, an optimal dose for canine health.

  • ✓ L-Glutamine
  • ✓ 7 Mushroom Blend
  • ✓ Boost Digestive Health
  • ✓ 7 Billion CFU of Probiotic
  • ✓ Boost Your Immune System
  • ✓ Reinvigorate Beneficial Bacteria
  • ✓ Supercharge Your Dog's Body Defense

For best results, Sprinkle appropriate amount of CHOCOLATE LAB PROBIOTIC MUSHROOM DOG D137 on top of Food and give once a day or as directed by vet.

Serving size 1 scoop, 30 servings per container.

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The Newest and Most Potent CANINE PROBIOTIC Formula on the Market!

✓ Optimize Your Dog's Digestive System for Ultimate Wellness

Improve your dog's mood and boost their energy levels by promoting a healthy gut. The gut plays a crucial role in the synthesis of serotonin and dopamine, two neurotransmitters that are essential for happiness.

✓ Improve Immune System Resilience

Fortify your furry companion's physicality through the utilization of advantageous probiotics, thereby bolstering their immune system and fostering long-term health.

Our specially formulated D137 contains 7 Billion CFUs of 4 distinct strains of high-quality Probiotics and FOS, which collaborate to support your dogs gut health. Furthermore, we have incorporated a mixture of 7 Mushrooms and L-Glutamine to fortify the gut.

Restore Balance To Gut's Ecosystem

✓ Lactobcillus Acidophilus

✓ Bifidobacterium Lactis

✓ Lactobcillus Plantarum

✓ Lactobcillus Paracaseri

✓ Fructooligosaccharide

✓ L-Glutamine

✓ 7 Mushroom Blend

✓ Reishi Mushroom

✓ Lion's Mane Mushroom

✓ Chaga Mushroom

✓ Turkey Tail Mushroom

✓ Maitake Mushroom

✓ Shiitake Mushroom

✓ Cordyceps Mushroom


Experience the amazing benefits of the NEW CHOCOLATE LAB PROBIOTIC MUSHROOM DOG D137. This extraordinary supplement is purely organic and free from GMOs. It is also gluten-free, vegan-friendly, lactose-free, and crafted exclusively from superior ingredients. We proudly consider it a golden supplement that embodies excellence.