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Chocolate Lab Active Mushroom Dog D214

Chocolate Lab Active Mushroom Dog D214

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Make sure your canine has the energy and hydration they need with the CHOCOLATE LAB ACTIVE MUSHROOM DOG D214!

Offer your canine CHOCOLATE LAB ACTIVE MUSHROOM DOG D214 powder before an intense activity for maximum muscle repair and replenishment of essential nutrients lost through perspiration and urine output. This proactive approach helps reduce fatigue and injury risks, providing your dog with the best care available.

  • ✓ Electrolytes
  • ✓ 7 Mushroom Blend
  • ✓ 9 Key Amino Acids
  • ✓ Improve Hydration
  • ✓ Help Muscle Recovery

For best results Sprinkle appropriate amount of CHOCOLATE LAB ACTIVE MUSHROOM DOG D214 on top of Food and give once a day or as directed by vet.

Serving size 1 scoop, 30 servings per container.

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The Newest and Most Potent Supplement for any ACTIVE Dog!

✓ Optimize Your Dog's Activities!

Enhance your dog's activity levels and increase their energy levels by offering essential nutrients and electrolytes necessary for their body.

✓ Keep your furry friend Hydrated

Keep your dog well-hydrated and energized with the CHOCOLATE LAB ACTIVE MUSHROOM DOG D214, as it contains the electrolytes required for optimal hydration during their active routines.

The D214 blend is composed of scientifically formulated electrolytes, 9 amino acids, and 7 Mushrooms that are designed to support optimal canine activity levels.

✓ L-Leucine

✓ L-Isoleucine

✓ L-Valine

✓ L-Lysine

✓ L-Threonine

✓ L-Phenylalanine

✓ L-Methionine

✓ L-Histidine

✓ L-Tryptophan

✓ Sodium

✓ Potassium

✓ 7 Mushroom Blend

✓ Reishi Mushroom

✓ Lion's Mane Mushroom

✓ Chaga Mushroom

✓ Turkey Tail Mushroom

✓ Maitake Mushroom

✓ Shiitake Mushroom

✓ Cordyceps Mushroom


Experience the amazing benefits of the NEW CHOCOLATE LAB ACTIVE MUSHROOM DOG D214. This extraordinary supplement is purely organic and free from GMOs. It is also gluten-free, vegan-friendly, lactose-free, and crafted exclusively from superior ingredients. We proudly consider it a golden supplement that embodies excellence.