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Chocolate Lab Immune Booster Mushroom Dog D236

Chocolate Lab Immune Booster Mushroom Dog D236

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Give your Canine the best protection around with CHOCOLATE LAB IMMUNE BOOSTER MUSHROOM DOG D236 - the Ultimate Immune System Booster!

Offer your canine CHOCOLATE LAB IMMUNE BOOSTER MUSHROOM DOG D236 powder every day to Boost their immune system.

✓ Boost Immunity
✓ Organic Ginger
✓ Organic Turmeric
✓ 7 Mushroom Blend
✓ Organic Tart Cherry
✓ Reduces Inflammation
✓ Promotes Normal Cell Growth

For best results Sprinkle appropriate amount of CHOCOLATE LAB IMMUNE BOOSTER MUSHROOM DOG D236 on top of Food and give once a day or as directed by vet.

Serving size 1 scoop, 30 servings per container.

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The Health of Your DOG Relies on Its Immune System

✓ Enhance Your Dog's Immune System

Promotes the development of 'beneficial' cells that combat illness and are crucial for your canine's overall well-being. Eradicates detrimental pathogens like bacteria and viruses that induce inflammation and infection.

✓ Improve Immune System Resilience

Enhance your pet's immune system and reduce inflammation with our expertly crafted D236 formula. It contains a precise blend of 7 different types of mushrooms, along with the powerful duo of Turmeric and Ginger. This scientifically designed combination works in synergy to optimize your dog's health.

✓ Organic Ginger

✓ Organic Turmeric

✓ Organic Tart Cherry

✓ Organic Black Pepper

7 Mushroom Blend

✓ Reishi Mushroom

✓ Lion's Mane Mushroom

✓ Chaga Mushroom

✓ Turkey Tail Mushroom

✓ Maitake Mushroom

✓ Shiitake Mushroom

✓ Cordyceps Mushroom


Experience the amazing benefits of the NEW CHOCOLATE LAB IMMUNITY BOOSTER DOG D236. This extraordinary supplement is purely organic and free from GMOs. It is also gluten-free, vegan-friendly, lactose-free, and crafted exclusively from superior ingredients. We proudly consider it a golden supplement that embodies excellence.