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Alpha Dog Supplements Nutrition Bundle

Alpha Dog Supplements Nutrition Bundle

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Boost Your Dog's Health and Performance with the Chocolate Lab Active Mushroom Bundle 🐾🍄

Discover the ultimate enhancement for your active dog with our Chocolate Lab Active Mushroom Bundle. This top-tier supplement is specifically designed to support the alpha dog lifestyle, promoting robust health and peak performance. Ideal for dogs who embody the spirit of alpha dog nutrition, our bundle offers comprehensive benefits from joint support to recovery.

Experience the Advantages of Our Supplement:

  • Joint Support for the Alpha Dog: Formulated to aid in joint health, it's perfect for dogs who need that extra care in maintaining their active, alpha dog lifestyle.
  • Nutrition for the Alpha Dog's Skin and Coat Health: Our unique blend includes ingredients that are essential for maintaining a healthy skin and coat, a vital aspect of alpha dog care.
  • Recovery Support for Active Dogs: After a day of adventure, this supplement helps in muscle recovery, a key factor in maintaining an alpha dog's active regime.
  • Tailored for the Alpha Dog's Active Needs: With a blend of electrolytes and trace minerals, it ensures your dog stays hydrated and energized.
  • Anti-Inflammatory Properties: Ideal for reducing inflammation and enhancing comfort, crucial for an alpha dog's joint support.
  • Enhance Performance and Endurance: This bundle is engineered to boost your dog's energy and stamina, a must-have for any alpha dog's recovery and daily activity.

The Chocolate Lab Active Mushroom Bundle is more than just a supplement; it's a complete support system for your alpha dog's health and vitality. Whether it's for joint care, recovery, or overall wellness, this bundle caters to the unique needs of active, spirited dogs. Elevate your dog's health regime with our specially formulated supplement, crafted for the alpha dog's active and adventurous lifestyle.






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  • Alpha Dog Supplements Nutrition Bundle
  • Alpha Dog Supplements Nutrition Bundle
  • Alpha Dog Supplements Nutrition Bundle
  • Alpha Dog Supplements Nutrition Bundle

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Fulvic Humic Acid for Alpha Dogs


Optimize Your Alpha Dog's Wellness with Our D396 Fulvic and Humic Acid Formula

Elevate your alpha dog's health to new heights with our D396 blend, featuring Fulvic Acid and Humic Acid Trace Minerals. This expertly crafted formula surpasses the typical dog food minerals, providing your dog with the essential nutrients they need for superior vitality and digestion.

Unmatched Benefits of Our D396 Formula:

Fulvic Acid & Humic Acid: Naturally sourced to exceed standard dog food mineral content.

Enhanced Nutrient Absorption: Ensures your alpha dog gets the most out of their diet.

Alkaline Solution with pH 10+: Promotes a balanced internal environment.

Electrolytes & Over 77 Trace Minerals: Supports gut health and overall wellness.

Ideal for Alpha Dogs' Joint, Skin, and Coat Health: Addresses the comprehensive needs of active dogs.

Supports Recovery: Aids in recuperation post-exercise, essential for active canines.

User-Friendly Application:

Simply add 1ml of our D396 blend to your dog's water or food once or twice daily. This easy-to-administer formula is perfect for maintaining your alpha dog's active lifestyle.

Serving Size: 1ml

Servings Per Container: 50

Trust in our D396 blend for the holistic care and maintenance of your active dog's health, ensuring they remain agile, healthy, and happy.

Active Mushroom for Alpha Dogs

Elevate Your Alpha Dog's Health with CHOCOLATE LAB ACTIVE MUSHROOM DOG D214

Ensure your alpha dog's peak performance and recovery with our CHOCOLATE LAB ACTIVE MUSHROOM DOG D214 supplement. This advanced formula is tailor-made for dogs who lead an active lifestyle, providing essential support for energy, hydration, and muscle recovery.

Optimized Features for Alpha Dog Nutrition:

Alpha Dog Electrolytes: Crucial for maintaining hydration, especially during high-energy activities.

7 Mushroom Blend for Alpha Dog Health: A diverse mix targeting overall wellness, including skin and coat health.

9 Key Amino Acids for Alpha Dog Recovery: Essential for muscle repair and reducing the risk of fatigue and injury.

Alpha Dog Hydration Booster: Ensures optimal hydration for active dogs.

Muscle Recovery for Active Canines: Supports dogs needing joint care and muscle recovery post-exercise.

User-Friendly Application:

Sprinkle the advised amount of CHOCOLATE LAB ACTIVE MUSHROOM DOG D214 powder on your dog's food daily, following your vet's recommendation, to support their alpha dog active lifestyle.

Serving Size: 1 scoop

Servings Per Container: 30

CHOCOLATE LAB ACTIVE MUSHROOM DOG D214 is the perfect supplement for your alpha dog's joint support, recovery, and overall health maintenance.

Joint & Hip Support for Alpha Dogs


Optimize Your Dog's Joint Health with CHOCOLATE LAB JOINT HIP MUSHROOM DOG D128

Enhance your dog's joint mobility and flexibility with our exclusive CHOCOLATE LAB JOINT HIP MUSHROOM DOG D128. This proprietary blend is expertly crafted for all breeds, from active, athletic dogs to show dogs, ensuring they maintain peak performance and joint health.

Alpha Dog Joint Support with D128:

Glucosamine: Promotes healthy cartilage, essential for alpha dog joint support.

Chondroitin: Boosts joint mobility and flexibility, perfect for dogs in active recovery.

Reduces Inflammation: A key element in managing joint pain and enhancing overall health.

Improves Performance: Allows your dog to run freely and comfortably, aligning with an alpha dog's active lifestyle.

Enhances Joint Flexibility: Ideal for maintaining agility in all dogs, especially those requiring joint care.

Minimizes Exercise-Induced Muscle Damage: Essential for active dogs, aiding in quicker recovery and sustained activity.

Easy to Administer:

Sprinkle the recommended amount of CHOCOLATE LAB JOINT HIP MUSHROOM DOG D128 on your dog's food once daily, or follow your vet's guidance. Designed to fit seamlessly into your dog's diet, this supplement supports the active and health-focused lifestyle of alpha dogs.

Serving Size: 1 scoop

Servings Per Container: 30

CHOCOLATE LAB JOINT HIP MUSHROOM DOG D128 is your go-to solution for alpha dog joint support, aiding in recovery, reducing inflammation, and improving joint flexibility for all dog breeds.

Skin & Fur Support for Alpha Dogs


Enhance Your Alpha Dog's Coat Health with CHOCOLATE LAB FUR & COAT DOG D164

Boost your dog's coat and skin health to its prime with CHOCOLATE LAB FUR & COAT DOG D164. This specialized formula is perfect for dogs needing alpha dog skin and coat health support, ensuring a strong, nourished, and lustrous coat.

Key Benefits of D164 for Alpha Dogs:

EPA & DHA: Essential components for maintaining a healthy coat and skin.

Omega-3: Vital for skin health, reducing inflammation, and promoting a shiny coat.

Reduce Shedding: Keeps your alpha dog's coat thick and healthy, minimizing excessive shedding.

Combat Dandruff & Itching: Provides relief from skin allergies and dandruff, ensuring comfort.

Enhance Cognitive Performance: Omega-3s are also beneficial for your dog's cognitive function.

Improve Cardiovascular Function: Supports overall health, including heart health.

Healthy Shiny Coat: Ensures your dog's coat stays vibrant and full, a hallmark of alpha dog health.

Simple to Use:

Administer the recommended number of CHOCOLATE LAB FUR & COAT DOG D164 softgels to your dog daily, as advised by your veterinarian. Designed for easy incorporation into your alpha dog's daily routine, this supplement is ideal for maintaining and enhancing coat and skin health.

Serving Size: 1 softgel

Servings Per Container: 30

Choose CHOCOLATE LAB FUR & COAT DOG D164 for your dog's coat and skin care. It's the ultimate solution for alpha dogs facing challenges with skin allergies, dandruff, and shedding.