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Assorted Truffles

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Assorted Truffles

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We’ve spent many years developing the perfect truffle and we continue to amaze our customers with over 200 unique truffle flavors.  We use premium chocolate, organic dairy and hand selected fresh produce to create a uniquely rich and decadently flavored product. Our selection is ever changing.

Don’t see a flavor you like, we can create customer flavors just for you!

Seasonal Flavors:

Dark Chocolate – 72% cacao
Milk Chocolate – rich and caramel notes in this 38% milk chocolate
Salted Caramel – milk chocolate wrapped around a soft caramel center
Lemon Raspberry
Honey Poppyseed
Thyme and Lemon
Salt and Pepper
Drunken Onion
(drunken goat cheese and Vidalia onion)
Lavender with Honey Powder
Peanut Butter
Palisade Peach
Cinnamon Chili
Ancho Chili & Bacon
Humboldt Fog
Chocolate Mint
Fig with Snow Drop (figs and goat cheese)
Sage Brown Butter
Salted Watermelon

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