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Chocolate Lab is the culmination of nearly 10 years of experiments to make the perfect truffles and other fine desserts. Our mission is to make the most delicious delectables anywhere, and this is evident in everything we do – from using the highest quality ingredients to hand-dipping each individual chocolate confection. We are a true combination of art and science, so each taste is unique but distinctly chocolate.


Denver Public Library blogged about us for their Overdue Love Club.

Your truffles are like a fine wine, the flavor lingers long after the chocolate is gone. – Anamaria O.

Blood Orange Pink Peppercorn Truffle: First of all, the fragrance of the chocolate before I took a bite made my taste buds tingle in anticipation. Upon first bite was a rich, delicious soft shell of decadent dark chocolate with a sudden burst of sweet citrus. The soft center simply melted over my tongue with this flavor explosion. The hint of peppercorn made me think of Italy (they must use peppercorn in their dishes??), but I liked the lingering taste it left, long after my truffle was gone. – Kristen R.

Royal Cream: The Royal Truffle, like all royalty, offers you complexity and layers of smooth and charming depth. You bite into a powdered covered shell that is poignant and at the same austere. Once you get beyond the shell, the royal truffle lets its guard down and you discover complexities of soft and smooth milk chocolate intertwined with rich complexities of dark chocolate – all velvety and smooth. – Doug G.